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make your own serving pieces…

January 17, 2012

I will readily admit that I have a great time scouring my local Goodwill stores for thrifty deals. We were getting ready to have some friends over and the menu was potluck appetizers. I needed a few fun serving pieces but I’d rather spend my money on tasty ingredients than the things to serve them on.

I made a quick trip over to Goodwill to browse the housewares. I came across a few pretty plates and vases to make pedestal servers. The only thing you need besides the pieces is a tube of E6000 glue to put them all together.

All my supplies, E6000 from a local chain craft store (around $3.50) and a china plates and a dinner dish from Goodwill (ranging from $0.97 – $1.97) and a sundae dish and two vases (all less than $2.00). I removed the price stickers being careful to get all the adhesive off.

Add glue to the base of a sundae dish,

and then center on the bottom of a china plate.

Glue around the rim of a vase,

and then center on the bottom of the coordinating plate.

Just let them sit while the E6000 cures.

All done and curing!

Go see what you can find to create your own!

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  1. January 17, 2012 9:56 PM

    those are really cute ideas!!!!

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