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Checking in…

January 19, 2011

Lots of changes… Seems like I’m always saying that. 😛

I met with my county reviewer in the beginning of the month and got the go ahead to keep moving forward.

**Whew!** Exhale!

Overall he was satisfied with the work he saw but did want to see a bit more from the boys (1st and 3rd grade). So do I! Ha!!  I knew that I didn’t have enough written samples from them. I was okay with that. I was (fairly) confident going into the review because I knew the goals Vince and I had for bringing the children home for school, and many of them can’t be “graded”. We’re working on character and the only curriculum for that is The Word and prayer!


I’m happy that I backed down a bit from rigorous academics this season. They’re still doing the three “R”s, but we’ve slowed down on all the peripherals.  It was needed change. I tend to want to do it all, yet my LORD continues to remind me that it isn’t possible (especially if I’m trying to do it without yielding first to Him).

So we started back schooling after the Christmas season, we’re going slow. I really need to stop expecting much otherwise. I’m still trying to find the “groove”. How do I fit it all in? Make sure they’re all getting what they need? Stop subjecting the littlest ones to the Nick Jr babysitter while working with the big ones?

I haven’t gotten figured out yet. But I’m still trusting that if the flashlight I’m using is powered by Him I will be moving on the right path.


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