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September 15, 2010


We are 5 weeks into our homeschooling adventure.

Really?!?!?! FIVE weeks already? That is just crazy.

We’ve been at it long enough for me to see that some changes were in order.  I LOVE Tapestry of Grace(ToG), but over the past 5 weeks we’ve really not used it.

What? What? What?

To be fair, we’ve really just been sticking with the basics. Math, grammar (and phonics for Cesca), spelling and handwriting and doing some observational science (I’ll be posting about our Monarch adventures soon). I was not able to find a few of the needed primary source books at the library and was getting discouraged each time I thought of ordering yet another book and paying for shipping so more often than not I just didn’t prioritize fitting it into our day.

I was being tempted by a totally different (and seemingly complete) curriculum. Heart of Dakota(HoD). If I was able to fit any of my children into the same level without feeling like I was cheating someone I probably would have gone ahead and purchased.


There’s just something about a “complete” all-in-one-box curriculum that wigs me out a bit.  I know my children well enough to know that it can’t possibly be possible that it would really work for each and every one of them as seamlessly as I was dreaming.  ;o)

So what did I change?

I ordered “Drawn into the Heart of Reading” from HoD so that I could work harder at pulling Evan out of his reluctance of reading anything other than encyclopedias. I’m sticking with ToG because I really do love how it is written and feel that sticking to it will really benefit us in the long run as we continue to educate at home. Through my re-evaluation I am going to place all three children in the Lower Grammar section (making it a lot easier on me to collect the needed books) knowing that this is a transition year and I need this time to fill in holes from previous school experience.  I went ahead and ordered the remaining books for the first two units that I’ve been unable to find at the library. I also ordered Mystery of History Vol. 1 to work as a veritable spine text for ToG. A couple of my local friends use it as their history curriculum with great reviews and I think it will really work well for the ages/stages of my children, giving plenty of details of biblical and secular history without completely overwhelming them (or me!).

We’ll continue to just move forward in the basics while we wait for all our supplements to arrive. I’m sure the children are quite disappointed in the abbreviated school day. ;o) I’m also looking into an art curriculum, Artistic Pursuits. Yes, I could totally teach my children art from scratch, but, translating the art knowledge that I have into something easily understood and used by young children… I could use a little help.  If I can grab the book used I’ll snatch it up, if not I may just move forward without it.  I have many ideas of what I think they should be learning for art, a nice blend of studio art and art appreciation, so we’ll see how that goes.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming… What do you do? You swim, swim!

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