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we’re baaaaack…

August 11, 2010

Lots of changes a foot.

No, there are no new little sets of feet in our near future, but thanks for asking. LOL!

We have begun the journey of homeschooling our children.

Pick your jaw up off the floor.

Since my first year of college I’ve always held on to the belief that the foundational years of education should be performed at home. Now that would of course be a very gray area… is it through pre-school?  Elementary?  Middle school?


I truly believe it depends on your family and your children.

For many reasons as a couple we chose to send our first son to public elementary school.  We went in without blinders knowing we’d take each year as it cam and see where to go next.  Kindergarten was a challenge.  He was an older K-er so he was bored much of the time which of course led to behavioral “issues”.

We were not surprised.

What did surprise us was the amount of time he spent OUTSIDE of his classroom as a result.  However communication between the teacher, school and us was good so we were comfortable continuing on there.  First grade was great.  His teacher was pursuing her Master’s degree in Behavioral Science (if I remember correctly) and she was a perfect fit for our son!  The year was not without challenges but each one built him up.  We were happy.

Second grade…


We could just title it The Year of Conflict.  The changes we saw in him were beyond bad.  The first very noticeable thing was his serious lack of desire to be involved in the family.  It was disgusting.  Being the oldest of seven children I could certainly understand the craving for a bit of personal time and space, but the phrases he used were an ugly matter of the heart.  The influence of the “school bus” was more apparent as well.  The teacher… (remember learning that if you didn’t have anything nice to say to remain quiet?)


Many phone calls…

Each one was worse…

It went from bad to unbearable.

Through prayer we decided to bring them home.

So here we are.  Ready to join us on this new adventure?

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