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Down to the wire…

December 23, 2009

Just mere hours until I need to be DONE with all my various projects… that means very little (or as in last night NO) sleep!

But things are getting D-O-N-E, done!

I made Nate’s stocking (yes a year late).

It is ready to be hung and filled!

I finished up Francesca’s doll. She’s an 18 inch Waldorf-inspired doll. I made her a dress, but is was way to big and I didn’t have the patience to sit and fit it, SO I made her a skirt instead.

I worked on some cookies. These are 7-layer (rainbow) and anisette cookie, 2 of my faves, at Christmas time and all the time!

I made tutus for the girls (and matching ones for their dollies)

 And I took two guitars I pickud up second hand from a momma over at

sketched a design…

and turned them into these!

I also made cookies! Whew, all in all lots done, not finished, but lots done!

Must get some sleep tonight! My eyes are crossing just getting this posted!

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  1. February 1, 2010 3:43 PM

    Looks like you were busy! Your Waldorf-inspired doll is absolutely adorable, great job!

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