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Summer vacation, finally!

June 12, 2009

He’s done for the year.  Evan finished 1st grade with excellent marks.  The progress this boy has made this year is remarkable!  I won’t lie, we’re still working on some of the frustration issues, but overall he is really doing so well.  His thought processes continue to amaze Vince and I.  Science is his favorite subject and he continues to excel at math.  He loves to read and says that Egypt is his favorite country to read about, some day he’d like to travel there.  My challenge will be keeping him stimulated this summer.  He seems to strive with routine, something I am sorely lacking of.  Looks like I’ll need to change my ways!  Thankfully our library has lots of activities that will make it pretty easy.


He’s glad to be home.  He always feels slighted when he hears about the things that me and the little ones do during the day.  He misses the things that I consider our mundane chores.  It makes me a little sad for him.  I’m just so glad to have him home for the summer. 


I think it is going to be a great summer!

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