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If You Take the Kids to Friendly’s (Part 1)

May 13, 2009

If you take the kids to Friendly’s, you will have fun and everyone will have ice cream, but when you come home you will find that the toilet in the main bathroom has been running the whole time and it is now raining in your basement(?!?!).

When it rains in your basement your husband quickly finds the culprit water-flowing toilet and takes it offline after seeing that your computer, modem, router, printer (and everything else on the desk) are saturated and rendered useless (at least for a little while).

When your computer is is saturated you unplug everything and begin to dry it out. You also call a friend that offers to come by and help you start the clean-up (which in turn helps you maintain your sanity because you’ve already realized that you cannot call the insurance company because you still haven’t recovered from the increased premiums after your last claim almost 3 years ago).

When your friend arrives with her brother you all set out to vacuum up the standing water and throw out anything that can’t be salvaged.  (Dueling Shop-vacs are awesome for getting water up quickly, wish I had taken a pic)

Once you’ve tossed out the garbage and sucked up and mopped up the water until you no longer hear the *slosh* sound when you walk, your friend and her brother will leave and you and your husband will decide to go to bed (and hope when you wake up the next day you will find that it was all just a dream…

(Part 2 coming soon… trust me it gets even better!)

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  1. Lisa A. permalink
    May 14, 2009 1:20 PM

    I can be so deceived and self-centered. There are times when I feel like this stuff only happens in our home! I love your creative twist on this situation. You make it sound fun and it seems like you are smiling through it. I have not stop thinking about your Joann’s post on our whiny days! I am looking forward to part two. ~ Lisa A.


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