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While I was watching…

May 11, 2009

So here are a few things I learned while watching “In the Womb: Extreme Animals

  • Parasitic wasps use caterpillars as surrogate wombs.
  • Some breeds of sharks are cannibalistic in the womb, they eat their own siblings AND the mother will continue to produce more eggs for it to feed on.
  • Kangaroos are born the size of a jellybean.
  • Male sharks do NOT have a pen1s!?!?
  • The “host” caterpillar doesn’t die when the wasp larvae chew through it’s skin to get out.
  • A female kangaroo has 3 v@ginas?!?! (Proof that God has a sense of humor: a shark without a pen1s and a kangaroo with 3 v@ginas)
  • The male Emperor Penguin has a skin flap didentical to the female that incubates the egg while the momma is off to feed her body which is starving from producing the egg.
  • The kangaroo joey nurses for 6 straight months. (OUCH!)
  • Instead of spinning it’s own cocoon, the “host” caterpillar spins it’s cocoon around the wasp pupae and then protects them from prey.

Pretty interesting, isn’t it? Just had to share.

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