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Dude, that is sooooo not cool!

May 7, 2009

So after MOPS today I had to swing by the bank. Not. Fun. You see, while I was checking my account last night I noticed a transaction that was not familiar to me (read “I didn’t spend that!?!?”). So I go to the counter, 4 kidlets in tow, and proceed to let the nice lady know that it was an unauthorized transaction. To my unhappy surprise it seems that my account has been compromised, not my card, my ACCOUNT. Um. Not. Fun. It’s not like I had a lot in there, but still.  That’s my grocery money.  She let me know that it would be credited in the next 24-48 hours. Um, kids, I hope you ain’t hungry.

Soooooo, how is your Thursday shaking up?

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