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I survived MDSW 2009

May 4, 2009

I *think* my feet have gotten back to normal after the marathon walking through the Howard County Fairgrounds this past Saturday for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

I came home with beautiful new stash enhancements!

First is some Merino/Silk roving that will likely become Christmas presents.  I’ll be having some fun spinning for lace with it!!

Next is some Cormo (ooooooh so soft!) from Partridge Run Farm at the ACSA booth.  She called it “Hunter’s Cap”.  I agree! This will probably become longies for the little guy.

I also stopped by the Gale’s Art booth and scored these (one is already on the wheel!)

A new vendor in attendance this year was Bullens Wullens.  I stopped and grabbed these. Love the subtle coloring!

I also brought home a few pounds of undyed, but it would be no fun to show you that, you’ll have to wait until they are on the other side of my dye pot!!

All in all it was very enjoyable.  Even with less than perfect weather.  A friend from Hyena Cart snapped a pic of Nate and I while we rested in the grass a bit.mdsw2009

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