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Help me win (or maybe you will)…

January 28, 2009

There are many things I know how to do.  Usually if I am willing to try, I can at least get a good show for my effort.  When it comes to computer schtuff… um, no.  Yes I am crafty, but that doesn’t seem to translate easily for me when it comes to the digital world.  Yes the Navy did send me to tons of computer classes (you’d never have guessed I was trained for network security…seriously, I was), unfortunately I was not at all interested in all things technical.  I am an artist and crafter at heart.

So why in the world am I writing this?  Well there is an awesome blog designer running a contest on her site for a free blog makeover and well, I want my blog to look pretty!  Hop on over to her site Blogs by Danielle, and enter yourself for this great opportunity.

Good luck!

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