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First step on a long road…

August 22, 2008

Well, we survived our meeting on Thursday.

My motivation for actually walking through the door was that the family that was watching the kids had offered to keep them all evening so that Vince and I could have a date night.  God’s provisions are awesome!  The meeting was long and parts were pretty ugly.  I feel better about one relationship and future communication but as for the other I can’t even imagine where reconciliation would begin after some of the things that were said.

I know that God places people in our lives for a season and I understand that at times He grows us apart.  I am continuing to pray for His hand in all of this.  I know we’re far from the end.  Please continue to pray with me for peace through this.  I know that stress isn’t good for ANYONE, but I am of course even more cocerned about my stress when it comes to the baby I am carrying.

Thank you so much to those of you that joined us and covered us in prayer on Thursday.  It made such an impact on how I handled mself through the meeting.  I knew I was being lifted up and it helped more than you may ever know!

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