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Is this thing on?

August 4, 2008

Um… hello.

LOL.  I know, I know, you don’t even need to say a word.  I didn’t even look to see how longs it’s been since I’ve posted but I KNOW it’s been *ahem* a bit of a while.

What can I say?  Life seems to run away from us at times.  I mean seriously, it’s AUGUST already?!?!?!

So you’re wondering what’s going on here in our little home?  Let’s see…

We took our very first family camping trip over Father’s Day to Swallow Falls in the very western part ofdsc_0276 Maryland.  It was an adventure to say the very least.  We got rained on, the tent flooded, we mopped it out with towels, had pancakes for breakfast and just had all around awesome memories to walk away with.  We had scarey ending to our trip though.  Vince’s Mom and Dad had met us at the campground for the weekend but on their way home a trip to the hospital was needed and in the testing that was run for an unrelated event kidney cancer was found in my mother-in-law.  God had amazingly brought the discovery to us in an unexpected way.  I am so happy to report a very happy follow-up though.  She had surgery in July and the doctors were very pleased to remove the effected kidney, where it appears to have been isolated.  Praise God!!

June also brought me and the children to NY for Brittany’s bridal shower.dsc_0001_edited-11 We had so much fun seeing friends and family that we don’t have the opportunity to catch up with often.  I was down to the wire knitting a beaded shawl for Britt but thankfully completed it just in time to give it to her at the shower.

Later that same week I was able to see Lindsey graduate from high schooldsc_0054  (seriously, wasn’t she just starting kindergarten!?!?!).  She carried herself   beautifully across the stage and is all ready to start college this fall with the desire to teach someday back at her high school!  I’m quite proud.

We went down to Virginia for July 4th for a reunion with the Walters’ side of the family.  So much fun and craziness.  Our kids were thrilled to meet so many cousins!  Luckily the weather held out so that the kids were able to swim a bit and explore Grandpa’s land right down to the stream!  They can’t wait until the next time so they can go and dig for buried treasure!

Vince headed down to Peru for another short-term mission trip from July 11th-25th.  It was exciting for them to follow-up with the contacts they had made last summer in the villages they visited in the jungle.  They’re getting ready for their big presentaion to our church next weekend.

This past weekend was Joe and Brittany’s wedding.  What fun!  We were so happy to be a part of their exciting day.  I’ll have to put all the info in it’s own post once I get some pictures uploaded (which means I need to unpack the van, *yuck*).

So that’s about all that has been happening.  See, I told you we’ve been busy!

Oh and did I mention that we are expecting Baby #5 this December…..

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