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So it’s been a while…

April 28, 2007

What can I say?  I’ll have to stop trying to make excuses because as much as I mean to get on here, it just doesn’t happen…  Ah, life as a mom of four children, whew.

So what’s new you wonder.  Well, I realized I never did get around to posting that my sister had the baby (he’s actually four weeks old Mar_april_2007_138 now).  Mateo (Matthew) David, graced us with his presence after two days of labor (no, you read that right, two days).  Laurie was amazing through it all.  What a blessing to be a part of their birth experience!  Watching Dave and Laurie work together through the entire labor was incredible.  Me and the kids stayed up there for the first weekend but haven’t seen them since (except for the adorable pictures Laurie sends me).  Can’t wait for them to come and visit nest weekend!

Around here we’re just waiting for the summer to come.  The kids are itching to get outside more, but they’ve been in because of rain and Evan’s been a little under the weather.  Hopefully they’ll be fully recovered this weekend and the weather will improve.

In other news… I am attempting a new venture.  I will be selling some of my hand-crafted items at a virtual store front at Hyena Cart.  The name of my store is CreativLEI Made.  I’m a little excited and a little nervous.  I’ve been really working on stuff to have completed for a stocking soon, and I should be ready early next week, yippee!

Now off to go work on what you’re really waiting for.. the photo blog update…

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