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Caution, dirty post ahead….

April 14, 2007

Due to the graphic nature of the following entry those with weak constitutions should bypass this post.  Beware, pictures are included.

Now, that got some attention didn’t it.  I promised Laurie a dirty post, so here goes…

Some of you know about my obsessive cleaning habits.  Wait, now don’t mistake that as meaning I keep my house sparkling 24/7, because I don’t.  I just have a habit for finding, ahem, interesting cleaning jobs, that to some people may seem outrageous.  Last year was the drier.  After noticing that is was no longer running at full efficiency it was opened up and we found dust bunnies and lint lemurs procreating at an alarming rate inside the machine.  All was cleaned and she runs like a champ now.  Well, yesterday after finding a puddle under the washer I summoned DH (darling husband for those that don’t speak net-ish) and he happily opened it up to check it out.  Okay now you know how we all attempt to clean those grimey spots on or in the washer? *note to self, it is totally normal to wash your washer*  Well, let’s just say, what you can’t see or reach… YUCK!  I will admit I have probably paid more attention to my wash routine than most since starting to cloth diaper, but it’s only because I keep finding out new things, like towels for instance… Do you towels ever have a musty smell after just one use?  It’s probably from build-up in the washer.  Yup, too much soap is a problem, stuff just doesn’t get clean.  Fabric softener, it’s a scam, all it’s doing is leaving oils on your laundry to make them “soft”.  But anyway back to the dirty washing machine… So, after Vince opened up the machine and we looked inside, he knew what was coming…  He removed the top part of the wash basin for me (you know that piece you try to reach under to clean every now and again) and well…

Gross isn’t it.  Now for those of you that are thinking that this is from the diapers I’m washing, nope, this isn’t *that*, it’s lint and detergent that’s just yucky.  So I got to work and scrubbed that puppy clean.  Lots of paper towels, hot water and a screwdriver later and I had this…  Much better!

Vince put it all back together and it’s lovely!  Musty stink it gone, yippee!  Almost makes me look forward to the 7 loads of laundry ahead, lol, almost…

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  1. Sister Laurie aka Auntie Kisses permalink
    April 14, 2007 11:11 AM

    Now that was a dirty blog ;)Next time you to come up – i wanna take my washer & dryer apart!!! Promise.

  2. brittany permalink
    April 14, 2007 8:13 PM

    ok..can post too much goota go rip my washer apart..i prob have a full dog in mine…GROSS!!!

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