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It can’t be over…

August 20, 2006

The weekend that is.  I am TIRED!  We haven’t completely recovered from VBS yet.  Each night we got home around 9:30, waaaaay past each of the kids bedtimes.  Luckily they were pretty good about going straight to bed each night.  All the fun ended Friday night.  We were exhausted!  I think the kids were too.  It was a blast though.  Andrew did great in the preschool class with Evan (I think we’ll enroll him in Awana Cubbies this year).  You should have seen him doing the dances during praise and worship each night, he was rockin’.  Francesca hung out in the nursery with her two little girl friends and came upstairs to sing and dance during the finale each night, too cute and waaay too funny.  I helped clean up the church yesterday so that the sanctuary would be ready for this morning’s service.  Whew.  I was beat.

Vince surprised me last night, he had recorded a few Audrey Hepburn movies for a relaxing at-home date night.  Yeah!  So we sat and got ready to see "Sabrina" together, and we were able to finally watch the movie after a few "visits" from stalling kids.  After a stern threat they finally settled in.  I love old movies.  Especially with Audrey Hepburn.  "Roman Holiday" is may favorite by far!

After church today all I wanted to do was rest.  Can you blame me?  After lunch I sat down to some knitting, which is what I’ve picked Augd_174_2back up since I can’t get to my paper crafting for know.  I am working on three projects, a crocheted baby blanket (that I started when I was pregnant with Cesca), a pair  of socks (that IAugd_177_1 started on our trip to Ohio in June, that was my "on the road" project) and my latest experiment, a wool diaper cover.  Yup, I can’t just work on one thing, I’d get bored.  I Augd_178_1started the diaper cover last night and I am a little more than half way done, so that is my "closest-to-completion" project for now.  I am loving the yarn I got  for it, a wool/soy blend.  It’s so soft and is making a great striped pattern (pretty girly though since it’s mostly pinks).  I’ll definitely share a picture of it finished in a few days.   

Well, that’s about it.  Gonna go watch Big Brother and get the photo blog updated.  More soon.

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  1. Auntie Kisses aka Sister Laurie permalink
    August 21, 2006 12:14 AM

    well sis … glad to hear that you were able to settle down & relax for a little bit. Love a quit at home date night 🙂 sounds nice & relaxing. Can’t wait to see your new projects. Kisses all around!!!

  2. August 21, 2006 7:38 AM

    Sounds like a great evening. I’m a fellow diehard Audrey fan: My Fair Lady is one of my all-time favorites!

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