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Utah, Part 3

July 18, 2006

So I am walking back to my hotel from the tram, about 2 blocks, and when I got there I noticed an unusually large group of women sitting outside and it seemed pretty dark.  Well it only took a minute to find out there was a blackout in the hotel.  Apparently something the city was working on went wrong and the hotel went dark.  Luckily my room was on the second floor so I walked up the stairwell, the pitch black, hot as heck, outside stairwell.  The rest of my roommates were there and we laughed at the situation and figured we’d just give into it and go to sleep.  It was hot!  I applied the mint Chapstick from my brand-new convention bag and laid in bed thinking cool thoughts, it kind of worked!

When we awoke the next morning at around 5AM the power was still out and men from the utility company were working right outside our window.  Hi boys! They kindly let me and one of my roommates know that we were still many hours away from seeing power.  We did what we could to make ourselves presentable for the first official day of convention and headed downstairs.  The hotel had set up a cold breakfast bar for us (I am definitely making it sound better than it was) and you could hear the grumbles from many tired, dirty women.  Oh well.  We headed across the street for the first general session.  Exciting!  Women everywhere swapping cards and such and all the talk about the Shilo-blackout, too funny.  After a short time the doors opened and we headed in to the main stage.  WOW!  What a set up, a DJ was playing great music the lights were going and crazy stampers were everywhere!  I got to sit up nice and close with the RemARKable Stampers (my 5th level upline).  We were told to take our seats for the start of the show.  The new Convention theme song blared and an extreme cheer team bounced onto the stage.  Lots of aerial stunts and lifts.  Very cool, Taylor would have been grinning from ear to ear.  Then the co-founder Shelli came out at the top of the pyramid and the session began.  So much information.  I could hardly believe it was only the first day!  Lots of great samples and inspiring ideas.  So much to soak in.  Tons of door prizes were given away (but none to me) and afterward we headed to lunch.  I sat in on a class before heading to my shift to work.  So much fun to be a helper and be mistaken for staff members.  One of my favorite parts of working was getting to know some of the SU! employees.  They LOVE working for SU! and are so eager to share what a great company it is.  I was envious.  To our surprise many of the guys are stampers as well, and some of them hide orders from their wives!!  Too funny for sure.

Each day was full of even more fun than the day before.  We laughed, cried, danced, screamed and applauded so much over four days that I came home sore.  I am so glad I had the opportunity to attend.  I am hoping that I get to continue with the company and some day have the opportunity to walk across the stage for earning the cruise and other achievement awards.  I do love working with SU! and see lots of opportunities for the future.  I won’t post anymore of the daily details but would love to share with anyone who wants to hear more. 

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  1. July 19, 2006 8:51 AM

    Sounds like so much fun!! I’ve been a demo now for 5 years and have not yet had the opportunity to attend convention. Maybe next year in Denver?!

    So sorry about the power issues, but glad you were able to enjoy yourself nonetheless.

  2. Auntie Kisses aka Sister Laurie permalink
    July 23, 2006 1:47 AM

    WoW SiS … That sounded like a ton of fun. Can’t wait to see all your projects & new stuff. I am so happy for you that you got to go & expirence that.

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