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Call off the searh party…

July 7, 2006

I’m back!  I know you’ve missed me and the only reason my sisters haven’t been nagging me through IM and email to post is because I’ve been up in NJ since Sunday! 

We safely arrived in Boston, actually Leominster (which for some crazy reason is pronounced Lemonster) at around 2:30AM Saturday for Eric and Jen’s Wedding.  After some juggling we finally got the family settled within the two hotel beds, boys in one and the girls in the other.  We got a few hours sleep before heading down to meet everyone for breakfast.  We spent the rest of the morning in the pool.  Francesca LOVES to swim, little miss thing was jumping of the stairs and trying to swim under the water!  Definitely have to get these kids in the water more!  We headed out at 3:30 to get to the reception site, the Harding-Allen Estate in Barre (pronounced like Barry).  It was beautiful.  Jen looked beautiful and Eric looked like the happiest man on Earth to be marrying his bride.  It was very sweet.  Aunt Laura was gorgeous and held her role as mother-of-the-groom with great style!  It choked me up to think that some day I’d give over my boys like that…  Francesca was a spotlight stealer, but we expected nothing less.  Vince did keep her from walking the aisle though, talk about getting choked up!  My Dad found Evan a tree-frog and that boy was ecstatic.  All our laughing made the photographer and videographer run over for some of the crazy shots, sorry Eric and Jen!  By the end I could barely walk because my fat feet were trying to break free from my strappy shoes.  It was good to get back to the hotel.  I headed to bed with the kids and Vince hung-out with the rest of the group as they waited for the Domino’s delivery, I guess everyone was still hungry…

We all headed out on Sunday.  We decided half-way home to stop off in NJ at my parents beach house for a nigh.  We beat everyone there.  They had flown to "save time" but the flight got delayed and yada yada yada, they got in after midnight!  Vince headed home on Monday night since he still had a ton of work ahead of him and I decided to stay for a few days with the kids, since he’d be back on Thursday for work.  Unfortunately we got really crappy weather the entire time I was in NJ!  No beach days to be had.

Vince came to pick us up last night.  It was so good to sleep in my own bed!  Very busy weekend ahead.  We have a showing today between 4:30 and 6:30, gotta love those dinner-time appointments.  But the house still looks good since my little monsters have been gone a week.  I have swaps to finish and Jan’s pins to complete by Sunday.  We’re getting together with Ethan and Sherri Saturday, which should be tons of fun, especially since their little girl Isabell KNOWS she’s going to marry Evan when she grows up.  Will try to update the photos later today.  Keep watching…

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