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Monday, it’s really only Monday?!?!

June 26, 2006

I got a dress!  Yeah, small victories.  I even dropped it off to have the straps altered (I am too short for anything to fit right).  So now we all have something to wear to Eric and Jen’s wedding.  All that’s left is to pick up shoes for Evan because I am not country enough to let my boys wear sneakers to a wedding, even if they are their clean white sneakers.  Laugh all you want, I am still a city girl at heart, it’s deep, but it’s there.  I bought a Victoria’s Secret bra for the first time in many years and I think I know her secret… They don’t make a bra to fit the generously-endowed woman.  But what I got will do the job for now.  For some reason I will not break down and go to a REAL bra store (if that’s what it’s called) because I am afraid to know what size I really am.  I’m thinking it in the Fs or so.  Fun.  But since Francesca isn’t nursing anymore I am SUPPOSED to go back down a few sizes, right?  Here’s hoping.  I wouldn’t really know since this is the first time I’ve had one of my children wean without being pregnant already.  Yeah, keep laughing.  You’re not funny.

Friday night I went to my very first Tastefully Simple party.  All I can say is YUM!  I had never been to one before, only picked up a couple things from a craft show.  Well, at the party we tasted most of their product line and there really wasn’t anything we tasted that I didn’t like.  I got re-orders for the stuff I am already running out of (Garlic Garlic and Bacon Bacon), and picked up a bunch of other delish items.  I am going to host a party in early August.  Yup, it’s that good.  It was good to have a little girls’ night out too.  We had some laughs and somehow it involved the singing of some of our kids favorite theme songs.  There really is no escaping them!

It’s been raining here since Saturday.  Started raining right after I (finally) got all my new flowers and such planted. While I am not really complaining because we needed it badly, the kids are going a bit stir-crazy from being stuck inside.  So what have we been doing to pass the time?  We took the whole family to the movies on Saturday evening and saw Over the Hedge.  Pretty funny!  Vince and I got some good laughs that were well above the kids’ heads.  After the movie we set out to River Valley Ranch and caught their annual Fireworks show.  Fantastic!  So there I was getting these awesome shots of the fireworks and loving my camera for it’s ability to take such wonderful shots and I am wondering why every time it plays back the previous shot it says "DEMO".  Hmmmm…  What’s that?  Well after another 10 minutes of taking pictures I realized that my memory card was NOT in the camera, it was still sitting in the computer from my last upload.  BIG.  FAT.  DUH.  Oh well, trust me the fireworks were great, the boys loved them and Francesca slept until the finale, she woke up as everyone applauded.  Oh well, maybe next year.

Sunday was the regular routine.  I worked in the Nursery.  Andrew has officially out-grown the Nursery and has been attending the worship service and Children’s Church, man did that go fast!  More news on Andrew, he’s potty training!  And doing really well.  He wakes up and goes right into the potty without being told.  What a big boy.  He comes out and lets us know he did his business and gives us a hug.  Touch is surely his love language.  We relaxed the rest of the day and Vince got some work done.  Lots to get done in little time.

On a down note, another house went up for sale around the corner from us.  They are now our direct competition and the have more going for them than we do.  And did I mention they under-cut us by $4000!?!?!?  So what does this mean for us?  Another price drop and more over-hauling the house.  FRUSTRATION.  There’s really not much more we can do, it really is out of our hands for the most part.  Joy.  As for everyone who’s wondering if we can just stay here.  Whether or not it’s possible from the company’s perspective, it is not an option for us.  Vince already has many jobs that require visits to sites in NY and NJ and it does NOT work for our family for him to have to commute up there.  He needs to leave here by 4AM tomorrow for a meeting in NJ, yeah, that’s definitely not working for us.  This has to turn around soon.  Okay, so there’s that rant.

And what’s keeping my mind preoccupied from all that?  The 2006-2007 Stampin’ Up! catalog will be here in the next three days!!!  YEAH!!!  I’ve read a couple of spoilers already and I’m really excited to see it.  I am having a Mystery Hostess Party on Thursday which I am hoping will bump my sales to qualify me to join Jan’s focus group.  We’ll see, it’s possible.  I’m pretty excited because as of July 1st I’ll be promoted and earn a $100 shopping spree in the new catalog.  BIG YEAH!!  I’m still working on my swaps.  And I need to finish up some paper-pins for Jan.  All this and we’re leaving for Boston on Friday.  Guess there won’t be much sleep this week.

I guess I need to post more than twice a week so these posts don’t get so long.  I’ll work on it…

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  1. Brittany permalink
    June 27, 2006 8:45 AM

    congrats on the dress..i can’t believe th ehouse situation all has to get better at some point…YAY Andrew!!!..he’s too cute..and def. very affectionate..k..waitin on pictures now

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