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do you have this in a 10, er… 12?!

May 30, 2006

Hello again, have you missed us?  We’re back from the holiday weekend, much fun was had.  Apparently the boys are worn out, they fell asleep at dinner at around ten minutes to 7:00!?!?  Francesca, not so much.  She tried to pull an all-nighter when we got in last night, not fun.  She is still bouncing around too.  Ah, joy.  We have a guest this week, Chris, an "old Navy buddy" of Vince’s.  It’s fun to hear them crack off each other.  So this morning I decided to show off what a "good wife" I am… I decided to fix my almost-famous sausage, egg and potato casserole. I pre-heated the oven, got the potatoes fried up a bit and into a bowl, moved on to the sausage and started scrambling up the eggs.  I put on the fan since the sausage made it a bit smokey.  So all of a sudden I am smelling burning plastic (yuck).  I’m thinking something must be stuck in the fan, so Vince pulls off the filter and proceeds to look.  Yup, you guessed it, it was NOT the fan.  So I open the oven.  BINGO!!!  I guess the weekend was a few days too long.  I guess I forgot that in an effort to "keep the counter tops clear" for the three showings scheduled this weekend I stuck a (plastic) container of cookies and brownies into the oven.  Oops!!  Doh!!!  Yeah, so now Chris is laughing at Vince’s airhead wife.  I’m pretty sure I redeemed myself with dinner (huge rib-eyes, grilled asparagus, pasta-roni and a delish salad)!! 

New coffee obsession to share I.C. Mocha Almond from Panera (love that place).Icmocha  Sooooo good!  I am almost ready to forgive them for getting rid of my old fave, I.C. Spice.  Just a few more will definitely do the trick.  I don’t think they’ll be replacing my Breve but it’s a good alternative for these sweltering days!

So, you’ll probably wondering where all the pictures are… Francesca busted the lens to my camera this Saturday when she sent it crashing down off the patio table!  *shock*awe*  Went to Ritz the afternoon and turned old trusty over to the "repair/replacement" gurus.  It will take FOUR weeks for my lens to come back.  Hello!?!?!  FOUR weeks, do they have any idea what that means?!?!?  So what am I going to do?  Well, the kind gentleman that sold me my beloved camera was there to help me once more.  He informed me that they didn’t have a lens to loan me, but if I felt comfortable I could buy a lens and they would take it back in 30 days when I have old trusty back.  Well, you know this sounded like an excellent opportunity for me to try out a lens from my wishlist… so here’s the stand-in.  So far I’m happy.  The extra zoom will help for Katie’s graduation this weekend.  As for returning it in a month, I will if I have to, but maybe I can talk someone into making it a birthday present (love you darling).  I guess I’ll just have to take some awesome pics over the next month to justify my case.  Any help from you all is appreciated too. *wink*wink*

Are you wondering about my title?  Over the past few months I’ve been talking with some of my girlfriends about weight, size, etc.  You know "fun stuff".  So I am trying on skirts figuring what I am going to wear in this heat and what to pack that will look nice at the graduation and I am staring at, well, me.  And I am about to get unhappy with the fact that all the cute little clothes I have/had just don’t fit right, and I realize, "Lisa, you have had three kids in under four years, you are still nursing the littlest of the group, you do not have the time or the money for the gym right now, maybe being in a single-digit size just ain’t where your priority needs to be."  So I have resolved to be happy with whatever I *squeeze* my roundness into this summer and not worry too much about the whole bathing suit issue either.  I know that it won’t be like this forever, Francesca will wean, I’ll start exercising again and I might even get a full night of sleep someday.  But for now I’ll be wearing my double-digits…

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  1. Brittany permalink
    May 30, 2006 10:12 PM

    Those coffees sound pretty good…i can’t believe the plastic in the oven..sounds like a brittany move to lens looks pretty awesdome..can’t wait to see the pics..did u hear anything from the showings this weekend?…

  2. Auntie Kisses aka Sister Laurie permalink
    May 30, 2006 10:25 PM

    Well Sis … you out did yourself there … “Now thats what I call bloggin …” lol 🙂 So much info I don’t even know where to comment, but what I will say is – I can’t believe Britt got to it before me 😀 Love ya, Miss ya!!!

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