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Yeah Friday!

May 12, 2006

Hello weekend!  I am SOOOOO looking forward to this weekend.  No, I wasn’t able to get my Mother’s Day cards and gifts out today.  They WILL go out tomorrow, so watch your mailboxes on Monday.  So sorry that I am late again.  I think you’ll be happy though, I really like ’em.  Must say I’m just a little proud of my creations.

There’s really not much to say today since I was working hard trying to get everything out.  The weather turned out good so the littles spent some time playing outside.  Vince was a big help with dinner tonight while I raced against the clock.  That man can saute up some mean green beans!  I picked up some seasoning from Tastefully Simple called Garlic Garlic, a little sprinkle of that makes it so good good!  Oh and their Bacon Bacon, oh boy, he added that to the mashed potatoes, YUM!

The youth group has a lock-in tonight.  Vince is spending the night and I went for a few hours with the kids.   I played some volleyball and my arms are showing how long it’s been!  Evan and Andrew were doing really good at dribbling the soccer ball up and down the field, we are definitely considering finding teams for them next fall.  Frankie was having a party of her own on the volleyball court.  She was cracking herself up tossing the ball up in the air.  Vince was playing soccer with the big kids.  I made a coffee run for him before I took the kids home.  Hopefully that will help get him through the night.

Lots of craft fairs here tomorrow, including a Flower and Jazz Festival down on Main Street.  The pianist from our church leads a jazz band called the Eric Byrd Trio, they’ll be playing at the festival and we are really looking forward to hearing them.

Well, I’m off to go package up everyone’s gifts… see you tomorrow!

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