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How does coffee and chicken nuggets taste?

May 11, 2006

Wondering what that title means?  Well, that my friends is just one of the MANY funny things that can be overheard by listening to our dinner conversations.  Since some RUDE real estate agent found it convenient to prance his clients through my house at dinner tonight, we went out.  A lovely dinner at the Olive Garden thanks to a generous gift from the youth pastor and his wife.  It was actually  less crazy than we anticipated, YES!  SO, we’re eating dessert, the boys each have a sundae, I have lemon cream cake that I am sharing with grumpy Frankie (don’t mess with her sweets!) and Vince has a cappuccino.  The Olive Garden serves their cappuccino with two little biscotti.  Then, Evan leans over to Vince and asks, "How does coffee and chicken nuggets taste."  Apparently to Evan biscotti look a little too much like nuggets.  Needless to say there was much laughing!  Including Francesca who was proudly using her fake laugh.

Not much else to share today.  The weather was miserable, Vince worked from home and I am *still* working on Mother’s Day gifts and cards.  Surprise surprise, they’ll all be going out LATE.  Sorry, I tried, I really did. 

Tomorrow night is the youth group lock-in.  I’ll be going for a little while with the kids and Vince will spend the night with the teens.  Should be fun.  Lots of craft fairs here on Saturday, fun!

Oh, and here’s an update on the house.  The family that came through on Monday are interested. They went home and put their place up on the market.  However, we cannot accept an offer with a contingency with the relocation company.  So we’re still waiting… We also found out that the house on the corner went up on the market yesterday.  We’ll see what that does to us, we’re a little worried.

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