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still Wednesday…

May 10, 2006

Okay, so I’m still hanging in here.  It really hasn’t been too bad, definitely one of our better Wednesdays.  Broke the wrapper on the newest DVD for the kids after they played outside a while.  Let me just tell you that I LOVE the Little Einsteins.  No other movie or TV show can capture all three of my littles and hold their attention for an entire episode.  So now you might be thinking, "Oh good, she’s probably working hard on those Mother’s Day gifts, they’ll probably get mailed on time." To that I’ll just say, "Don’t get ahead of yourself."  I got my May CK issue and well, I get distracted easy.  Ahem, I’m back on here… Well, I guess you can imagine all the progress I’ve made. Dsc_0441_2 Berger’s Cookies, need I say more? Yup, we all stopped for snack time.

I tried to get some new pictures of the kids for the previously mentioned gifts.  Unfortunately, no cooperation from the firstborn… I did get a few others though, check them out. May10c_1 May10a

"Look Mommy, I have a dandelion for you."

"Yup, I’m gonna touch the stuff Mommy told me not to."

More tomorrow…

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