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May 8, 2006

Things that do not make for a happy Monday:

…Andrew’s cold feet pounding on my back in bed (I think he climbs in because he doesn’t want to be the ONLY Walters NOT in our bed, but he certainly isn’t in there to lay down and snuggle)

…45 degrees and raining (We are in the second week of May, aren’t we?)

…sleeping through Vince’s kiss goodbye (and nope, he’s not working from home today, I checked)

…the thermostat in the house is reading 63 degrees (I hate waking up cold and I REALLY hate when Francesca wakes up cold) but it feels a lot colder with the dampness outside (we have officially run down our oil tank and I REFUSE to have a delivery scheduled since 1. it’s the SECOND week of MAY!  2. I will NOT fill the oil tank for a house that will not be ours soon (no we haven’t had any new developments, but I am thinking positive).  3. the minimum delivery is 100 gallons, have you seen the oil prices lately?  4. have I mentioned it’s the SECOND week of MAY?!?!

…Evan breaks into his goody bag from AWANA and has polished off all the candy that was in there by 8:30

…knowing that there are no Snugglebugs this Tuesday or MOPS on Thursday

Will it get any better? Well, I’ve got a pot of oatmeal cooking, a mug of chai steeping, a LLL meeting in Mt. Airy, Heather is coming by to stamp later and I have ground beef out to make a pot of chili…so I’ll have to let you know later.

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  1. May 8, 2006 11:14 AM

    Hope your MOnday improves!

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